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Horizon Stehständer Anleitung

6.14 Never place hot

6.14 Never place hot items on the Activity Tray as they may damage the plastic. 6.15 Clean the product regularly. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Carry out maintenance checks on a regular basis to ensure your product is in good working condition. How to unpack and assemble 6.16 The product is designed for indoor use and when not in use should be stored in a dry place that is not subjected to extremes of temperature. The safe operating temperature range of the product is +5 to +40 deg Celsius. 6.17 The product has a battery power source. It complies with the requirements of BS EN 60601 Medical electrical equipment – general requirements for safety. Please read and adhere to the guidelines on charging the battery detailed in section 7. Congratulations on purchasing your Leckey Horizon Stander. Your Leckey Horizon Stander will be boxed on a pallet. You should first cut the straps and remove the outer lid and cardboard sleeve. The tray will be packaged separately and should be removed from the box before trying to move the stander. You can then remove the remaining packaging, unlock the castors and roll the stander off the pallet. Please check that you have all the parts you have ordered. The castors should then be locked into position, facing out from the frame at 45 degrees. Some of the components will be wrapped in polythene packaging. Safety First. Keep polythene bags away from children. 7