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Splashy BIG User Manual p13 09.2 Assembling Splashy BIG • We highly recommend that you complete a ‘dry run’ with your child in Splashy BIG whilst wearing light clothing to ensure correct placement of harness and bumper supports. • Make sure your bath is clean and free from any residue before placing the floorsitter into the bath. • Your Splashy BIG MUST be assembled BEFORE filling the bath with water. We recommend you fill the bath with a mixture of hot and cold water to prevent damage to Splashy BIG. • See section 09.6.1 for some guidance on how to position the recline arm on the Splashy BIG. 09.2.1 Placement of the floorsitter The floorsitter should always be placed on a firm, solid, static surface. When placing the floorsitter on your chosen surface, it’s vital that all rubber feet are in contact with the surface. Whilst the stabiliser is not needed when using the Splashy BIG in the bathtub, it is important to ensure it is fully rotated to its, “locked”, position when outside the bathtub. English Continued

p14 Splashy BIG User Manual 09.2.2 Using stabiliser function Always use the stabiliser when Splashy BIG is being used outside the bath to limit any risk of tipping. Listen for audible click when locking stabiliser 09.2.3 Placement of the floorsitter Once the floorsitter is in place, ensure the recline arm is set to its highest position. English 09.2.4 Assembling the Splashy BIG seat Before attaching Splashy BIG to the floorsitter, the back rest and seat base must be assembled. Hold the backrest of Splashy BIG up vertically with the grooves at the top. Use your other hand to slot the seat base into the grooves on the backrest. Flip the seat base in the opposite direction to lock the connection together. Once connected insert the hinge foam flap underneath the foam backrest cover.