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Splashy BIG User Manual p15 09.2.5 Attaching & configuring the harness & bumpers To attach any of the support straps and bumpers onto Splashy BIG’s seat base and back rest place the relevant toggle through the hole. Secure by turning the toggle sideways underneath the seat. To connect the shoulder and lateral straps, follow this diagram. English To ensure you are placing the straps in the correct side of Splashy BIG, the buckle should appear as pictured.

p16 Splashy BIG User Manual 09.2.6 Configuring 5 point harness Insert toggle of the groin strap into Splashy BIG seat base. Insert the toggle of the left shoulder strap through the hole at the correct height for your child. Insert the toggle of the left lateral strap into a hole on the side panels of the back rest. Repeat the process for the right shoulder and lateral straps. English Once all the straps are securely in place, connect all the straps together using the buckle to create a 5 point harness. The straps can be fully adjusted by releasing the clamp, making the strap tighter or looser depending on requirements. Please ensure the clamp is closed once the strap has been adjusted. Tip – When happy with adjustment you can thread the remaining section of the strap through the foam section of the harness to keep it tidy.