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Splashy BIG User Manual p17 09.2.7 Configuring 3 point harness Insert the toggle of the left lateral strap into a hole on the side panels of the back rest. Repeat the process for the right lateral strap. Once all the straps are securely in place, connect all the straps together using the buckle to create a 3 point harness. English Do not adjust configuration from a 5 point harness to a 3 point harness while the child is in the bath seat.

p18 Splashy BIG User Manual 09.2.8 Fitting Splashy BIG seat to the floorsitter Lower Splashy BIG with the seat base flat onto the floorsitter. Making sure the seat base is centrally aligned with the floorsitter move the seat base forward so the seat base slides into the locking channel. When the seat base locks into the floorsitter you will hear a click which will mean the lock has been engaged. English Listen for audible click when engaging both seat base and seat back to the floorsitter.