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Splashy BIG User Manual p21 09.3.1 Adjusting the bumpers to provide support in various places The bumpers can be used as: 1. Head supports – place a bumper on the right and left side of your child’s head. 2. Neck support – place a bumper sideways at the nape of your child’s neck. 3. Pommel – place a bumper between your child’s legs (helps to prevent criss crossing). English 4. Leg guides – place a bumper on the right and left side of your child’s legs (helps to prevent them falling over the side of the bath seat). 5. Anti–slide shelf – place a bumper sideways on the base of the bath seat in front of your child’s bottom (helps to prevent your child’s bottom from sliding forward in the seat). Some children may find sitting in Splashy BIG more comfortable if a bumper is placed in front of the groin strap.

p22 Splashy BIG User Manual 09.4 Adjusting the harness for washing Remove a shoulder strap to make a 4 point harness to increase access for washing. To remove the shoulder strap, release the toggle from the reverse of the backrest. English