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Splashy BIG User Manual p23 Remove a lateral strap to make a 4 point harness to increase access for lower half washing. To remove the lateral strap, release the toggle from the reverse of the backrest. English

p24 Splashy BIG User Manual 09.5 Shortening lateral and shoulder straps In some cases you may want to reduce the size of the lateral and shoulder supports to fit a smaller child using Splashy BIG. Standard size Shortened size When your Splashy BIG arrives, the straps will look like the diagram shown. To adjust the straps to a smaller setting, please follow these instructions. Remove the highlighted section of the strap from the foam. English Fold the thinner end of the foam backwards and ensure that the openings line up. Feed the straps through the first opening on the doubled over foam. Once it has been pulled through completely, feed up through the second opening and pull to tighten.