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Splashy BIG User Manual p27 09.6.1 Using the Splashy BIG recline function Once your child is fully secure and supported, the Splashy BIG recline function can be used. Exercise caution when altering the recline angle. You should aim to make this movement as smooth as possible to reduce any anxiety the child may have. To bring Splashy BIG in to a more upright position, place one hand onto the Splashy BIG handle at the top of the backrest for support, and the other hand onto the green clip on the recline arm of the floorsitter. Release the clip and bring the bath seat into an upright position that is suitable for your child. English Fasten the clip on the floorsitter. You will hear a click once fully engaged.

p28 Splashy BIG User Manual 09.7 Removing Splashy BIG from the bath after use and dismantling Do not remove Splashy BIG from the bath before disengaging seat base and floorsitter as this may put strain on the connections. Release and remove the child from Splashy BIG and drain the bath. See Section 7 for guidance on how to do this safely. English To release Splashy BIG from the floorsitter, press the green button on the recline arm and pull the back rest forward. To release the seat base, pull on the green plastic tab and slide backwards, then lift Splashy BIG off the floorsitter.