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Splashy BIG User Manual p29 Ensure you do not force the frame from the bath as this may put strain on the connections. To remove the floorsitter from the bath, gently slide your hand under the rubber feet and they will release. (do not use tools) Place Splashy BIG on its side and detach the seat base from the back rest by lipping the seat base back on itself to release the hinge mechanism. Failure to follow these instructions may invalidate your warranty. English 09.8 Draining and drying Always ensure that you wipe/wash down Splashy BIG before allowing it to drain and store away. The floorsitter can be wiped dry. (Refer to Section 05 for further guidance.) For storing floorsitter when not in use , please slide recline arm down to lowest setting and lay flat.

p30 Splashy BIG User Manual 09.9: Floorsitter Outdoor Feet Never touch two centre feet, ensure these are all secure. English Remove the 6 suction cup feet from the floorsitter. Add the outdoor feet by screwing in clockwise. Make sure all feet engaged and floorsitter is lying flat. Do not use outdoor feet in the bath/shower. Please use original floorsitter suction cup feet.