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Languages / Sprachen / Idiomas / Le lingue / Línguas / Les langues English p.04 Deutsche p.32 Español p.60 Italiano p.88 Português p.116 Français p.144

p4 Splashy BIG User Manual Please read all user instructions carefully before using Splashy BIG. These instructions can also be downloaded from our website along with videos, diagrams and other useful downloads. Contents English 01 Intended Use p.05 02 Declaration of Conformity p.06 03 Terms of Warranty p.06 04 Safety Information p.07 05 Cleaning and Care Information p.08 06 Product Inspection and Servicing p.10 07 Important Guidelines p.11 08 Re-issuing Firefly Products p.11 09 Instructions for Use p.12 10 Sizing Information p.31