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Splashy BIG User Manual p5 SECTION 01: Intended Use The Splashy BIG bath seat is intended to provide support for children with disabilities who require head and trunk support whilst using the bath. For structure, safety and support, it is essential that Splashy BIG is attached to the floorsitter base unit at all times. Splashy BIG is designed for children aged between approximately 7–14 years old and with a maximum user weight of 55kg (121lbs). The back rest, seat base and floorsitter base unit should fit easily and securely together – see Section 09 of this manual for further instructions. We recommend that an adult completes product inspections in accordance with Section 06 of this user manual to ensure the product is safe to use. Firefly Friends Ltd. and James Leckey Design Ltd. cannot accept any responsibility if the product is used outside of its intended use. If in doubt please contact Firefly customer services on UK 0800 318265 or ROI 1800 626020. Daily activities tested and approved by Firefly Friends Ltd and James Leckey Design Ltd are: 1. In the bath or shower 2. For water play activities Children should not be left unattended/unsupervised in their Splashy BIG bath seat at any time, as they could be at risk of drowning or injuring themselves. Use of Splashy BIG outside the bathroom, (such as the garden or beach) should be assessed in advance. Be mindful that Splashy BIG contains working floorsitterto-seat connections which could be affected by small particles and/ or obstructions (such as soil, grass or sand). If Splashy BIG does come into contact with any substances that could affect the floorsitter-toseat connections, ensure they are thoroughly rinsed after use. Please refer to Section 04 for Safety Information and Section 05 for further guidance on cleaning and care. English

p6 Splashy BIG User Manual SECTION 02: Declaration of Conformity James Leckey Design Ltd., as manufacturer with sole responsibility for the Firefly brand, declares that Splashy BIG conforms to the requirements of the medical device directive 93/42/EEC. Splashy BIG has been CE marked as a Class 1 medical device. SECTION 03: Terms of Warranty English The warranty for Splashy BIG applies only when the product is used according to its intended use, following all manufacturer’s specifications. A one year warranty is provided with this James Leckey Design Ltd. manufactured product. Goods can be returned to us for warranty, repair or replacement up to 12 months from receipt. Once you contact us, we will arrange collection of the goods at our expense and, once returned to us we will repair or replace goods and return them to you within 14 days. In all cases, it is the customers’ responsibility to ensure the goods being returned are suitably packaged, preferably in the original packaging. SECTION 04: Safety Information 1. Always read user instructions fully before use. 2. Children should not be left unattended/unsupervised at any time in this product. 3. If using Splashy BIG at the beach, never leave your child unattended near the sea. 4. Check that all of the Splashy BIG components are securely assembled according to user instructions before use. Splashy BIG must be attached to the floorsitter base unit at all times and placed on a firm, solid, static surface. Never use Splashy BIG on a sloping surface. 5. The maximum user weight for Splashy BIG is 55kg (121lbs). This should never be exceeded.