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Failure to follow these

Failure to follow these instructions may put you or the child at risk. Splashy BIG User Manual p7 6. Splashy BIG contains parts which could present a choking hazard to small children. Check all components are tight and securely fastened before use – including toggles and straps. 7. Do not modify Splashy BIG or use components other than Firefly approved components with Splashy BIG at any time. This may put your child at risk and may also invalidate your warranty. 8. When using Splashy BIG in environments which may have soil/ sand/grass or small components, always ensure that you clean out the floorsitter-to-seat connections after every use to prevent any obstructions. For reconnecting floorsitter to seat please refer to Section 09.2.7 9. After use, allow Splashy BIG to dry thoroughly before storing it away carefully. Splashy BIG should be kept away from all direct sources of heat including naked flames, cigarettes, electric and gas heaters. 10. Clean the product regularly in accordance with Section 05 of this user manual. 12. If you are in any doubt about the safe use of Splashy BIG or the floorsitter base unit, or if any parts should fail, please cease using the product immediately and contact Firefly customer services on UK 0800 318265 or ROI 1800 626020. 13. Any promotional items supplied with Splashy BIG should not be used unsupervised. 14. When using the stabiliser ensure stabiliser is fully locked. 15. It is not possible for us to provide specialised moving and handling advice as the circumstances will differ for each family. For guidance on moving and handling, speak with your therapist. Improper moving and handling can cause risk of injury to you and your child. We recommend you consult with your therapist for moving and handling advice prior to use. ully locked in. (?) English 11. Complete maintenance checks on a regular basis to ensure your product is in good working condition. Splashy BIG should not be used if any of the parts are faulty.

p8 Splashy BIG User Manual SECTION 05: Cleaning and Care Information How to Maintain 5-point Harness English • When cleaning Splashy BIG we recommend that you use only warm water and a non-abrasive detergent. Never use organic solvents or dry cleaning fluids. • Do not machine wash or steam clean Splashy BIG’s foam components as it may cause the foam to lose shape and warp. • We recommend that you do not use any type of prescribed medicated lotions in the bath water during the bathing process as this may contribute to the breakdown of Splashy BIG’s materials. • Wipe the bath surface clean of any residue or dirt before attaching the floorsitter to it, ensuring the rubber feet grip firmly to the bath. • To remove sand/soil/grass or any small particles that may be in the floorsitter-to-seat connections, slight tapping of the area will encourage the particles to fall out. Rinse thoroughly to ensure there is no build up of particles inside the connections. For stubborn blockages on the floorsitter, the latch can be given a thumb push to remove any particules and aid release. The Splashy BIG 5-point harness can be removed and cleaned with soapy water. Floorsitter Base Unit 1. Ensure the bottom of the floorsitter base unit and stabiliser are cleaned after every use to ensure grip on the bottom of bath. 2. Soap and water can be used for daily cleaning. 3. Do not use solvents to clean the floorsitter base unit. Splashy BIG Foam Seat Base, Backrest and Supports 1. Soap and water can be used for daily cleaning. 2. The EVA foam covers can be removed and washed periodically to avoid a build-up of residue and grime. • Should your bath seat come into contact with salt water, rinse all parts thoroughly with fresh, clean water.