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Splashy BIG User Manual p9 Splashy BIG’s EVA foam covers can be removed and washed every few months. 1. The EVA covers are attached by eight hooks. Two on the seat back and six on the seat base. 2. Detach all hooks by hand (do not use tools). 3. Wash using soapy water. 4. Ensure the covers are completely dry before reattaching. Hook locations 5. Ensure all hooks are engaged when putting the covers back on. If Splashy BIG is being used in environments outside of the bathroom, (such as the beach or garden) it is important to rinse it after every use so that it is free from any particles/obstructions that could affect its working mechanisms. For reconnecting floorsitter to seat please refer to Section 09.2.6 English

p10 Splashy BIG User Manual English SECTION 06: Product Inspection and Servicing We recommend that various checks of Splashy BIG are carried out before each use to ensure the product is safe. The recommended checks are listed below: 1. Ensure that the Splashy BIG back rest and seat base have been fitted securely together as detailed in Section 09 of this manual. 2. Check that Splashy BIG is fixed correctly to the floorsitter base unit and ensure it is stable and secure in the bath before placing the child in. (NB: Stabiliser is not required for use of Splashy BIG in bath.) 3. Ensure the 5-point harness and bumper supports are securely fixed to Splashy BIG using the toggle fixtures. If you are in any doubt about the safe use of your Firefly product or if any parts should fail, please cease using the product and contact our customer services department as soon as possible. For all service related issues please refer to the Firefly website or contact Firefly on customer.enquiries@ 4. Check the 5-point harness and bumper supports for any signs of wear or tear. 5. Check the buckles and toggles for cracks or damage. 6. Check Splashy BIG and Floorsitter latches and connections are clear of dirt or debris with no signs of wear and tear.