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p10 GoTo User Manual 10(a) Aligning the lateral support 1 3 4 English 2 5 1 Your GoTo Seat will arrive like this, with the lateral support aligned to the body. 2 3 so that you can rotate the lateral support. Rotate the lateral support anticlockwise and into position. 5 Turn your GoTo Seat over and clip the lateral support straps into the central buckle. See Section 11(b) for guidance. 4 Check that the lateral support is home in the central section of the backrest, and tighten the knob. Check that when the lateral support straps are clipped together, all straps are arranged correctly as shown.

GoTo User Manual p11 10(b) Setting up the Floorsitter (if purchased with GoTo Seat) chosen surface, it’s vital that all rubber feet are in contact with the surface. ensure the recline arm is set to its highest position. English