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p14 GoTo User Manual 11(b) Opening and closing the 5 point buckle Before beginning, ensure shoulder, lateral support and groin straps are all loose and unfastened. 1 2 Attach the two lateral support fastenings to the sides of the mid-point buckle. Once fastened, adjust the shoulder straps, lateral support straps and groin strap by pulling the straps to tighten. 2 2 English 1 2 Make sure the straps are not twisted when the buckle is closed. 3 In Size 2 GoTo the groin strap mounting location can be moved backwards or forwards to suit your child’s needs. the plastic GoTo base. Smaller child

GoTo User Manual p15 11(c) Adjusting the headrest and lateral support 1 Unscrew the knob at the headrest anti-clockwise to remove the headrest from the GoTo Seat base. Move the headrest up or down to achieve your desired position. 1 1 2 Once you have the headrest at your desired height, screw the knob back in to the GoTo Seat base by turning clockwise. 3 Detach the lateral support by turning the knob anti-clockwise. Move the lateral support up or down to achieve your desired position. Once you have the lateral at your desired height, secure the lateral again by turning the knob clockwise. 3 3 English