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p16 GoTo User Manual Section 12: Using the GoTo Seat 1 2 Ensure all straps are loose and unfastened. Place GoTo in to trolley seat. Thread straps A through the grid of the trolley seat and fasten. Pull straps to tighten straps. Thread straps B through the loop of the trolley seat, connect English If there is no loop at top of trolley seat, attach straps B to the same frame as straps A. B 3 4 Fasten straps C underneath the trolley seat and pull to tidy in to clips. Ensure the trolley seat is secure the front open and straps loose before placing the child into the trolley seat. A C

GoTo User Manual p17 Section 13: Attaching the GoTo Seat Before attaching the GoTo Seat to the follow steps in section 10(b). 1 English 2 3 Making sure the seat base is centrally aligned with the forward so the seat base slides into the locking channel. When the seat base locks into click which will mean the lock has been engaged.