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p22 GoTo User Manual Section 15: Taking GoTo apart 15(a) Headrest 1 Unscrew the knob at the headrest anti-clockwise to remove the headrest from the GoTo Seat base. English 2 3 Screw the knob into the back of the headrest to ensure safe keeping. Unbutton the upholstery from the headrest on both sides. 2 4 Slide headrest plastic inner down from the upholstery cover. 3 4 3 5 Detach the headrest from the GoTo base completely by removing the shoulder strap buckles from the headrest.

GoTo User Manual p23 15(b) Lateral Support 2 Start with all the straps connected to the buckle as shown. 2 1 2 Turn the GoTo Seat over and detach the lateral support by turning the knob anti-clockwise. Slide the lateral support up and over the GoTo backrest. Screw the knob back to the slider component to prevent mis-placing. 1 3 Turn the GoTo Seat over again and rest the lateral support on top of the GoTo. English 4 straps as much as possible but keep the buckle connected. 5 Pull one side of the plastic insert out of the cover. Remove the strap by feeding the plastic buckle through the holes and then through the upholstery. Repeat with the other side of the lateral support. Once removed from the plastic lateral support, your upholstery is ready for washing. 4 5