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p24 GoTo User Manual 15(c) Straps 1 face-down and unbutton the upholstery. Remove straps from the GoTo Seat pad by threading the buckles through the holes of the upholstery and plastic base. 1 English Connect the straps together in their pairs and set aside in a safe place. Remember that straps A are longer and should be attached back into seat pad only. Straps A have a different warning label which can be used to identify them if necessary. A A 2 As with the above straps, thread the buckle of the groin strap through its corresponding hole in the GoTo Seat base at the bottom of the seat pad, followed by the upholstery. 2

GoTo User Manual p25 15(d) Upholstery 3 Remove the insert from the upholstery. For the GoTo Size 1, undo the Velcro at the seat base to remove the insert. English 3