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p26 GoTo User Manual back on and assembling GoTo 16(a) Straps & Upholstery 1 Retrieve the straps for the GoTo insert, with straps B and C at the rear of the GoTo base and straps A (the longest straps) at the seat pad. C C English 2 Thread the buckle of each black strap (not the fastening) through the holes in the by the hole in the insert. B B 3 As with the above straps, thread the buckle of the groin strap through its corresponding hole in the upholstery at the bottom of the seat pad, followed by the plastic base. A A 4 Once all of the straps are 2 inserted, place the insert into its upholstery. Slide the widest part of the GoTo Seat base into the For Size 1, open the Velcro of the seat base before this.

GoTo User Manual p27 16(b) Lateral Support Before starting, plan which lateral support strap needs to be attached to which side of the upholstery in order for the buckle to fasten. 1 2 on the central buckle as much as possible. Align the upholstered cover, plastic lateral support insert and straps as shown. Insert the lateral support strap into the lateral support upholstery. 1 2 English 3 Pull the strap through the upholstery. Thread buckle through inner hole of upholstery for smaller children. 3 4 5 Thread strap through the lateral support insert (this leaves the buckle on the outside of the lateral support to prevent any irritation during use). You can use a different thread pattern to change the width of the lateral to suit your child. Place the plastic lateral support insert into the upholstery and pull on the strap to pull the lateral support insert into the upholstery. 4 Do the same for the opposite side