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p28 GoTo User Manual 16(c) Headrest 1 2 3 Insert shoulder strap buckle straight through the front of the headrest insert and secure at the back. Slide headrest insert into its upholstery and fasten poppers. Attach headrest to GoTo base by aligning screw hole with its gap. Fix to place by screwing the knob clockwise. 1 English 2 3

GoTo User Manual p29 Section 17: Sizing Information Size 1 Size 2 Seat base to top of headrest Max (mm/inches) 540/21 680/27 Seat base to top of headrest Min (mm/inches) 380/14 510/20 Lateral support width Max (mm/inches) Lateral support width Min (mm/inches) 260/10 190/7.5 300/12 210/8 English Seat Depth (mm/inches) 157/7 244/9.5 Max Weight (kg/lbs) 15/33* 30/66* Age Range (approx) *(if child is above 13kg/28.5lbs GoTo cannot be used in a shopping trolley)