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p30 GoTo User Manual Cleaning and Care Information • dampened with cold water only. Then dry with a clean absorbent cloth. • Soak up spillages as soon as possible with an absorbent lightly dampened with cold water. • Note dyes and pigments from indigo jeans, ball point and felt tip pens may permanently stain. English • If soiling has accumulated use a mild soap (non-alkaline). Take care to remove all soap residues. Then dry with an absorbent cloth. • (within 15 minutes) with cold water. Apply your approved infection control protocol, a 10,000ppm sodium chloride bleach solution, Haz-Tabs or Chlor-Clean. Remove product residues and then dry with a clean absorbent cloth. • Note steam cleaning disinfects but the application of permanent marks. • Do not apply solvent based cleaners or any other chemicals to the fabric. • Do not clean, tumble dry or fully immerse the fabric in water.

GoTo User Manual p31 Notes English