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p8 GoTo User Manual SECTION 06: Product Servicing For all service related issues 5. Once legs are safely through, gently straps – the shoulder straps should be very slack. Ensure shoulder strap pads are on child’s shoulders. 6. Close centre buckle and adjust side lateral support straps to ensure child is secure in seat harness. The shoulder strap length should be See Section 11(b) for guidance. English SECTION 07: Important guidelines Placing of child into GoTo Seat 1. The GoTo Seat must be securely fastened in place for its intended use before placing a child into the seat. 2. Floorsitter should only be used on a such as carpet and rugs (especially deep pile) can reduce the stability of the Floorsitter and should be used with caution. 3. Ensure the harness straps do not obstruct placement of child into the GoTo Seat. Shoulder straps and side lateral support straps should be very slack. 4. If placed in a trolley: guide the child’s legs slowly / gently through leg gaps legs through. 7. The groin strap length can be adjusted by accessing the padded cover. In the GoTo Size 2 the location of the groin strap can be moved outwards to provide more room for your child as they grow. See Section 11(b) for guidance. Removal of child from GoTo Seat 1. Slacken shoulder straps and side lateral support straps. 2. Unlock central buckle using release button on harness. 3. Slide shoulder straps off child’s shoulders and gently remove child’s arms from harness. 4. For Size 1 only, if placed in a trolley: lift child up gently guiding their legs out from the leg gaps in the trolley. Do not attempt to lift child out of the trolley while they are still attached to the seat.

GoTo User Manual p9 SECTION 8. Product Inspection We recommend that various checks before each use to ensure the product is safe. SECTION 9. Reissuing Ensure the product has been cleaned thoroughly in accordance with Section 5 of this manual to ensure infection control. The recommended checks are detailed below. 1. Check harness is in place and secure. 2. Check all upholstery for signs of wear and tear. 3. Check all buckles to ensure straps are to the plastic body. Ensure a copy of the user manual is supplied with the product. If in any doubt about the continued safe use of parts should fail, please cease using the product and contact our customer service department as soon as possible on: . English 4. Check plastic support for cracks or damage. 5. Ensure all knobs are tightened . 6. Ensure GoTo is secure on base before positioning child in GoTo. please ensure it is securely attached to the GoTo Seat. See Section 13 for guidelines. check latches and connections are clear of dirt and debris with no signs of wear and tear. If in about the continued any parts should fail, please cease using the product and contact our customer services department as soon as possible.