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Hi-Low Gestell Anleitung

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6.13 Clean the product

6.13 Clean the product regularly. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Carry out maintenance checks on a regular basis to ensure your product is in good working condition. 6.14 The Hi-low Chassis has been designed for indoor and outdoor use. The indoor chassis has 4 small castors and is for use indoors only. The Indoor / Outdoor Chassis has two small wheels at the front and two larger wheels at the back and can be used both indoors and outdoors. When not in use should be stored in a dry place that is not subjected to extremes of temperature. The safe operating temperature range of the product is +5 to +40 deg Celsius. How to assemble the Hi-low Chassis 6.15 Always check the plastic hand knobs on the push handle are tightened securely before you move the seat unit. 6.16 Before using the seating system always check that the interface handle on the seat unit is fully engaged with the chassis. If the handle is not engaged properly the seat unit may come loose and could cause serious injury to the child or carer. 6.17 These products have not been crash tested therefore cannot be used in transport. 7