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Hi-Low Gestell Anleitung

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7.1 Attaching the

7.1 Attaching the seating system to the Hi-low chassis 7.2 Attaching the push handle Adjust the height of the chassis to its maximum to reduce risk of back strain while attaching the seat unit. Refer to Section 8 on how to adjust the height of the chassis you have purchased. (Please note that the photos and text relate to interfaces for Leckey seats. For all other seating systems please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.) First release the safety locking pin at the front of the seat. To do this pull the pin out and rotate through 90 degrees. Carefully lift the seat and place it into the chassis. At the rear of the underside of the seat you will see a receiving channel. Place this securely over the tube towards the back of the chassis. Pull the handle at the front of the seat unit up and then pivot the seat forward and down. Once the front of the seat is lowered fully, release the handle and push it forward to ensure it has fully engaged on the front tube. Rotate the safety locking pin so it engages in front of the handle. If it hits the handle then the seat is not inserted properly. Remove and repeat process outlined above. Always check the handle and locking pin are fully engaged before you place the child in the seating system. If the handle is not engaged properly the seat unit can come loose and could cause serious injury to the child or carer. The push handle is attached to the Hi-low chassis by inserting the two lower stems into the receiving tubes as shown. The push handle has safety poppers (A), which need to be pressed in when inserting the lower stems. Push the stems in until the poppers protrude from the other end of the receiving tubes. Secure the handle in place by tightening the locking knobs (B). Check these regularly to make sure the knobs are tight, particularly if you are moving the product unit along corridors that may have uneven or sloping surfaces, or outdoors. A B