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Frequent adjustment for

Frequent adjustment for daily use (therapists/ carers/parents) 8.1 Chassis This user manual shows the correct and safe use of the Hi-low chassis. To prepare the Hi-low chassis for a seating system we recommend that you raise the chassis to a comfortable working height by pressing the foot lever at the rear of the chassis or by pressing the up button on the handset of the powered option. 8.2 Powered height adjustment The powered chassis can be easily adjusted with the push button control handset. The seat can be height adjusted with the client in the chair. Before the product is used for the first time it is recommended that the battery should be fully charged for 12 hours. To do this plug the adaptor into the mains socket and attach the lead (A) to the battery and switch on the mains supply power. When charged switch off mains power, remove the adaptor plug and disconnect the lead from the battery. The battery charge should be topped up each day for approximately one hour. The chair can be adjusted in height while connected to the mains. Parents and carers should be shown how to make frequent adjustments and be made aware of the safety checks in Section 6 by a technically and clinically competent person who has been trained in the use of the product. Leckey recommend that a written record is maintained of all parent and carers who have been trained in the use of this product. 8 Foot lever A