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Hi-Low Gestell Anleitung

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8.3 Height Adjustment

8.3 Height Adjustment – Hi-low chassis 8.4 Tilt in space You can carry out this adjustment with the child in the chair. To adjust the height of the Hi-low chassis press the foot lever at the rear of the chassis for the gas spring version and repeatedly for the hydraulic version and lift pedal up to lower the chassis, or press the up button on the handset of the powered option whilst holding the push handle. Once you remove your foot from the pedal or your thumb from the handset the seat will be fixed at the chosen height. For safety the height adjustment pedal on the chassis can be locked by engaging the pull pin (C) on the right hand side of the pedal. The height adjustment pedal on the hydraulic chassis should be pushed in when the required height adjustment has been achieved. To unlock pull the pin out and rotate 90 degrees, the pedal can then be operated. The locking pin (C) should be kept in the locked position when you are not adjusting the chassis. Always keep the locking pin engaged when you are not adjusting the chassis. This will prevent the foot pedal being operated accidentally. For children over the weight of 27kg (60lbs), raising the manual chassis is a 2 person lift (UK lifting and handling regulations). Always use caution as hands could become trapped when height adjusting the base. The tilt in space can be angled while the user is in the seat. Before you adjust the tilt in space angle of the seat always ensure the pelvic harness is secured preventing the user from sliding forward in the seat. To adjust the tilt angle press the lever under the seat base. Once you have selected the angle you require, by simply removing your hand from the lever, the chair will be locked in position. The tilt in space should be locked off while the user is in the seat. To lock the lever twist the pull pin to the right hand side of the lever and the pin will pop into position. You may have to lift the lever slightly to allow it to lock. To unlock pull the pin out and rotate 90 degrees, the lever can then be operated. Always keep the tilt in space lever in the locked position to prevent accidental actuation of the lever which could cause the seat unit to jolt and possibly cause injury to the child. Please use handle bars when operating tilt in space. Always check with your therapist that the use of tilt in space will not cause any obstructions to the child’s airways. c Lever Locking pin