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9 Cleaning & Care

9 Cleaning & Care Information 10 Daily Product Inspection How to Maintain When cleaning we recommend that you use only warm water and a non-abrasive detergent. Never use organic solvents or dry cleaning fluids. Metal and plastic components 1. Soap and water or antibacterial spray can be used for daily cleaning. 2. For deep cleaning a low pressure steam cleaner can be used. 3. Do not use solvents to clean plastic or metal components. 4. Make sure the product is dry before use. (Therapists, parents & carers) We recommend that daily visual checks of the equipment are carried out by therapists, carers or parents to ensure the product is safe for use. The recommended daily checks are detailed below. 1. Ensure all adjustment knobs and bolts are in place and secure. 2. Check all castors are moving freely and lock securely. 3. Ensure the handle and locking pin on the seat interface plate is fully engaged and the seat unit is securely fixed onto the chassis. If in any doubt to the continued safe use of your Leckey product or if any parts should fail, please cease using the product and contact our customer service department or your local dealer as soon as possible.