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p10 Splashy User Manual SECTION 06: Product Inspection and Servicing The recommended checks are listed below: 1. Ensure that the Splashy back rest and seat base have been as detailed in Section 09 of this manual. 2. Check that Splashy is and ensure it is stable and secure in the bath before placing the child in. If you are in any doubt about the safe use of your parts should fail, please cease using the product and contact our customer services department as soon as possible. For all service related issues or contact customer.enquiries@ English 3. Ensure the 5-point harness and bumper supports are 4. Check the 5-point harness and bumper supports for wear or tear. 5. Check the buckles and toggles for cracks or damage. 6. Check Splashy and Floorsitter latches and connections are clear of dirt or debris with wear and tear.

Splashy User Manual p11 SECTION 07: Important Guidelines Ensure that Splashy is sitting securely in the bath. Recline the back rest into a mid-recline position for children who can assist with transfers or are lifted into the bath. Please refer to section 09.5 Full recline should be used for children who will be hoisted into the bath. This should make transfers into Splashy easier. harness and bumper supports to Splashy before you place the child into the seat, however, they can be adjusted if necessary once your child is in the bath. Please exercise caution and monitor your child closely whilst alterations are being made to the bath seat. Ensure the product has been cleaned thoroughly in accordance with Section 5 of this manual. Ensure a copy of the user manual is supplied with the product. If in any doubt about the continued safe use of your fail, please cease using the product and contact our customer service department as soon as possible on UK 0800 318265 or ROI 1800 626020. English is an activity which could cause injury to your back. We would recommend with regards to safe lifting (manual handling techniques) of your child in and out of the bath.