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p12 Splashy User Manual SECTION 09: 09.1 Splashy Parts The Splashy duck is to be used under the direct supervision of an adult English Your Splashy will arrive with the following parts: 1x Back rest 1x Seat base 1x Floorsitter base unit 4x Bumper supports 1x Groin strap & 4x Harness straps

Splashy User Manual p13 09.2 Assembling Splashy • We highly recommend that you complete a ‘dry run’ with your child in Splashy whilst wearing light clothing to ensure correct placement of harness and bumper supports. • Make sure your bath is clean and free from any residue before • Your Splashy MUST be assembled BEFORE a mixture of hot and cold water to prevent damage to Splashy. • See section 09.5 for some guidance on how to position the recline arm on the Splashy. 09.2.1 Placement of chosen surface, it’s vital that all rubber feet are in contact with the surface. English The rubber feet can be adjusted to facilitate curved baths. You can do this by rotating the feet clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on your required adjustment. The rubber feet can be moved into the depending on the width of your bath. You must ensure they mirror each other. 4 or 6 feet would be stable. Continued