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p14 Splashy User Manual 09.2.1 Placement of ensure the recline arm is set to its highest position. 09.2.2 Assembling the Splashy seat English Before attaching Splashy to the base must be assembled. Hold the backrest of Splashy up vertically with the grooves at the top. Use your other hand to slot the seat base into the grooves on the backrest. Flip the seat base in the opposite direction to lock the connection together. Once connected insert the foam backrest cover.

Splashy User Manual p15 09.2.3 Attaching & the harness & bumpers To attach any of the support straps and bumpers onto Splashy’s seat base and back rest place the relevant toggle through the hole. Secure by turning the toggle sideways underneath the seat. To connect the shoulder and lateral straps, follow this diagram. English To ensure you are placing the straps in the correct side of Splashy, the buckle should appear as pictured.