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p26 Splashy User Manual 09.6 Recommended recline positions Upright position – if your child has good sitting tolerance and trunk control, they may be able to use an upright sitting position. Mid recline position – we recommend that Splashy is placed into a mid recline position if your child is being lifted into the bath seat. English Full recline position – we recommend that Splashy is placed into the full recline position for ease of transfer if your child is hoisted into the bath seat.

Splashy User Manual p27 09.6.1 Using the Splashy recline function Once your child is fully secure and supported, the Splashy recline function can be used. Exercise caution when altering the recline angle. You should aim to make this movement as smooth as possible to reduce any anxiety the child may have. To bring Splashy in to a more upright position, place one hand onto the Splashy handle at the top of the backrest for support, and the other hand onto the green clip on the Release the clip and bring the bath seat into an upright position that is suitable for your child. English You will hear a click once fully engaged.