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p28 Splashy User Manual 09.7 Removing Splashy from the bath after use and dismantling Do not remove Splashy from the bath before disengaging seat base and the connections. Release and remove the child from Splashy and drain the bath. See Section 7 for guidance on how to do this safely. press the green button on the recline arm and pull the back rest forward. English To release the seat base, pull on the green plastic tab and slide backwards, then

Splashy User Manual p29 Ensure you do not force the frame from the bath as this may put strain on the connections. gently slide your hand under the rubber feet and they will release. Place Splashy on its side and detach the seat base from the back rest by bending the seat base back on itself to release the hinge mechanism. Failure to follow these instructions may invalidate your warranty. English